Today is a day. It's a day where you, the listener, get to hear this beautiful episode of Good Looks Bad Books. Well, that is assuming you go ahead and listen to this when you're reading this. I suppose you could be reading this and then go and listen to it like a week later. Or maybe you listen and then decide a few days later "Wow I'd like to read what Gwynn has to say here" and so you come crawling back to me to read what I have to say. Well, I don't have to take your pity read, I've got plenty of people reading this without you so go read something you like rather than something you feel obligated to read. Jerk.
In this week's episode we talk about a couple different stories. We first hear about "Atlas Boned" by Joe Wadlington. Next we get to listen to Lorelai tell us all about "The Problem of Leather" by Roxy Katt. I'm done giving you jerks a description of what we talk about, if you're only giving me a pity read you're gonna have to go listen for yourself. 
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