Guys I'm eating pizza right now. It's pretty good but you should know that i'm super trash because i'm dipping it in the garlic butter sauce and man while it tastes delicious i can feel my arteries clogging from here. So I should probably get this uploaded before I keel over and die. Wouldn't that be disappointing if I just died right now while the ep was super close to being uploaded. Fingers crossed that I don't choke!
If you're still reading this, today we ventured into some historical fiction of one of our most amazing presidents, Abraham Lincoln. This book is titled "Abraham Lincoln Fuck Lord of the Moon" by Catherine DeVore. That's a cool last name. It's like vore but with a "De" on it. Hmm I wonder how much she likes to get eaten. Also this week we have a very special Cody's Smut Corner where we hear the scientifically accurate tale of... well I wouldn't want to spoil it too much for you.
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