Well, hello there friend! Are you weary from your travels? In need of a rest? Please, come on in and sit down as we discuss our tales, filled with mystery and wonder, tentacles and clones, hymn singing and dick talk. You are more than welcome to stay the night. Please, help yourself to some of our food. MUAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE NOW TRAPPED IN HERE WITH US TO LIVE OUT THIS HELL WE CALL GLBB! 
Today we talk about the book "More Than a Man" by Emily Ryan-Davis and Elise Logan. You're already trapped here so I DON'T OWE YOU A GODDAMN WORD ABOUT WHAT THIS STORY IS ABOUT but also we talk about gingerbread men, twins, and so much cunnilingus.
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This Week's Guest was:
Rob Weeks @zombieslag find his show @FireflyPodcast and go give it a listen! 
Good Looks Bad Book is:
Ali @Aluminum_Iodide
Lorelai @lothlorien_elf
Gwynn @GwynnAndTonic
Cody @codedude3
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The music used for the intro and outro is Calculated by Yirsi. Find more work at soundcloud.com/yirsi
I got some extra time because I had to reupload the file so I'm going to type here for a while. Type type type type type. If you're reading this, tweet the word "genitals" to me. If you're not reading this, please still do that. If you're taking this much time reading my descriptions and you haven't left a review yet, I'm very disappointed in you. #donkeydoodle
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