Welcome once again to Good Looks Bad Books. Right now I've been watching ASMR videos trying to see if I have any triggers. I think mine might be more on the physical side of things, more with head pets. So please give me those head pets! (but really ask first, there's only a few people i'll allow to do it and even if there wasn't you should always ask before touching someone unless you have established consent through your relationship). Anyway, the main thing about those videos that I hate is that I really don't like mouth sounds, especially ones that aren't irl, and boy howdy do they have those in abundance and they take me right the hell out of everything.
Guys, this a podcast description so maybe I should just get on with it? In this episode, we do the premier of our first ever radio drama play "Booty and the Beats" by Logan (idk if he wants his last name here so I'm just going to leave it out). We hear a smut, and we also discuss some book by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb called "Naked in Death". Now the thing about that is like, why not be naked in life? Can't we all just be naked all the time? NO BECAUSE I WOULD FREEZE TO DEATH IN WINTER. 
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This week's guest was:
Logan @Explogan42
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If you're reading this send me your favorite ASMR video. If you don't have one then idk? Gimme something else??? 
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