Our title has literally nothing to do with the episode, and everything to do with the fact that someone in Vietnam has been downloading the same episode exactly 8x per day since February 17, 2017. If this is you, hello! I hope you enjoy the show though I'm not sure if you've listened to any other episodes. If this is not you, you too are special in our hearts and in our butts, so fear not. 
In this episode we discuss the book "Chapters in a Past Life" by Marilyn Jaye Lewis. There's lots of butt stuff in this episode so be warned that it's super sexy. We also get some smut from the talented Mr. Cody so that's pretty cool too.
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Our guest today was:
Jonny @solventbubbles you can also find him over on the Dire Words podcast @DireWords
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Ali @Aluminum_Iodide
Lorelai @lothlorien_elf
Gwynn @GwynnAndTonic
Cody @codedude3
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