Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap.
I'm uploading an ep of my podcast
Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap
This whole recording session was a great time
Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap
In this episode we discuss the story "'Love in a Time of Dragons" by Tanith Lee. There's a whole lot of WTF moments going on in here that are wowee crazy. So strap in for the ride folks!
Our special guest today was:
Ben @bapperson
Good Looks Bad Book is:
Ali @Aluminum_Iodide
Lorelai @lothlorien_elf
Gwynn @GwynnAndTonic
Cody @codedude3
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Cover art done by the beautiful and lovely Kym Stonick, find her on twitter @kymcattys
The music used for the intro and outro is Calculated by Yirsi. Find more work at
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