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What is up you nerds and nerdettes? I know we're coming out a little late this week but maybe you could just give us a goddamn break? Huh, did you ever think about that? Maybe instead of continually asking me where the new episode is, you take the time to, I don't know, learn a new skill or something. Nah, I'm just giving y'all a hard time, no one hounded me over anything! Plus I feel a little bad because the ep is late because of me, aww. 
So let's get into this, we're doing a bonus ep because I hecked some stuff up. But it's great! What we decided to do, which is explained in the episode, is that everyone chose 5 things they'd like to see in their perfect bad romance novel. It could be anything from common tropes, to the undoing of these tropes, to wanting to incorporate some "... For Dummies" books. Then we went around, each taking a turn writing (well speaking) a paragraph of the story until we ran out of our 5 things to put into the story. It was a fun time!
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