Alright guys, what's up? Oh wait, I forgot you can't respond while I'm typing this. If you tell me what's up later, I probably won't understand why you even said something to me. Like why the hell do you think you have the right to talk to me at all? 
Anyway, this episode we talk about "Lesbian Invaders From Space" by Ella Ford. We also read through another of our entries that we couldn't get to at the live show "Turning Around" by Shawna Love 
Our Guest Today was:
Matthew M. Morris @matthewmmorris
Good Looks Bad Books is:
Ali @Aluminum_Iodide
Lorelai @lothlorien_elf
Gwynn @GwynnAndTonic
Cody @codedude3
This episode was edited by the lovely Hiroshi Sutherland @MaybeHiroshi

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