We have many stories here today! I'm not going to write down all their names because I don't care! 
Ugh fine I will 
"The Assvendtures of Gwynn in Bumderland" by Logan Pawley @Explogan42
"Between the Buns" by Matthew M. Morris @matthewmmorris
"Taken by the Sun God Alternate Ending" by Stuart McKay @Steamwyck
"Cereal Affection" by Kym Stonick @kymcattys
"Gaydar and the Golden Horn" by Ivana Phuk
We also answer questions. Here's some by the audience in case you can't hear:
  1. First off gwynn you were going to tell me, what’s your dream girl?
  2. Why did you start this podcast, it’s not something you think about doing on a daily basis.
  3. Can I come back on, I want to redeem myself?
  4. What subjects have you not discussed on the show yet that you want to read about or discuss on the show sometime in the future?
  5. Have you guys read something and you’re like “this could be my kink?” like just discover something you’re totally cool with?
  6. Do you think there’s a way to insert smut into standard fiction that doesn’t pull the reader out of what they’re reading?
  7. Do you have any suggestions for fiction like that?
  8. What would your erotic pen names be?
  9. Why am I a foreigner with all these Americans on this podcast
  10. Do you guys want some popcorn?
  11. Oh I just wanted some popcorn
  12. You never had a semi?
  13. Cody, has anyone like seen a dick pic from you?

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