I know what you're thinking "Holy shit this is late why isn't Gwynn on her fucking game?". Well maybe you can just sit down and shut up for a second so I can explain. I'm not on my game. If you ask me irl what happened I'll say that I was waiting for us to decide the haiku winner but for real I finished editing and went to bed. On a similar note, audio quality is not the greatest. So listen.... at your own risk
This week we talk about "Erotic Superhero BDSM 1 Jock & 2 Cheerleaders" by Dick Free Man. There's no explaining this book so just have a good ole go at it.
We are pleased to announce Kris from @GameablePodcast won our #KnightofSmut Challenge! We will have him read his haiku on next week's show! 
We'd also like to announce the runner up Bailee @IronicAdventure who had a great haiku we all loved! Here it is, live and in the flesh:
Tissues fill the trash
the lotion is all gone
the cat judges me.
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The guest this week was::
Tom @brainztweet
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Ali @Aluminum_Iodide
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Cody @codedude3
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