Hey guys. It might surprise you to hear this but I like boobies. Brown boobies, blue footed boobies, I just love em all. Maybe I should become some sort of ornithologist. Wait... make that a hornithologist and I can definitely make that happen. Eyyyyyyyyyyy.
In this episode we discuss "Search For The Brown Boobies" by Kissa Starling. We talk about some things like Cody's intro location, our super secret next episode, and how it's not lesbian erotica if there's a bi person in it. Because bi people aren't lesbians. Figure your shit out.
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Logan @Explogan42
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Gwynn @GwynnAndTonic
Cody @codedude3
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I only got one person to send me genitals last time. Maybe this time someone will send me a pic of their booty. Who knows?
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