Hi guys. I need to go to bed in about 20 minutes because I have school tomorrow, so lets hurry this up! I say that like you guys have any choice in how long this is or how long it will take me to write it out, or even like it will take you as long to read this as it takes me to type, or that by the time you end up reading this, I won't have already been in school. I don't know your life. Jeez stop asking me all these questions! Also I got a new keyboard and now it doesn't clickity clack as much when I type, which I enjoy immensely.
This week we delve into "Special Force Alpha Hard Military Bear Romance" by Zola Bird. It's a great look into how sexy bears really are. It's also not gay so that sucks, but whatever. Cody also reads a story we didn't get to on our live show titled "Our Anniversary" by Hiroshi Sutherland
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Our guest today was:
Matthew Morris @matthewmmorris
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