Well howdy y'all! How are you fine folks doing today? I hope you're doing alright, but I also hope you're in need of the sound of our sweet sweet voices raining down upon your ear holes. If not, well you probably shouldn't download, and I mean you can probably just stop reading right now if you'd like. But, since you've come so far, why stop now? Why not just take a chance on us and give us a listen?
Today we read "Bimbobook" By Velvet Rainne. It's pretty weird. We had a few questions on how this all worked, so I'll let you listen to us for those questions. Hopefully you find more answers than we did though. Also hey, if you are listening to this in the future (maybe like a couple days from now) go to bimbobook.com for all your sexy needs

Our guest today was:
Good Looks Bad Books is:
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